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Your goal is out there.
All you need to achieve it is here.
Eyewear and sportswear at the highest level of technique, comfort, and style..

Welcome to Zone,
welcome to your space

Zone is a free space where your taste and style are the only boundaries. It’s a space where your passion meets our attention to allow you to express yourself unconditionally.

We at Zone dedicate our time and efficiency to ensure you never miss out on anything—the excitement of sports newbies with the experience of sports veterans. Find your style and the quality you demand.

The zone is (also) a physical space: an optical centre and sportswear in Livigno.


At our optical centre, you will find eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses that combine aesthetics with visual comfort. We provide eye examinations and have an in-house laboratory, ensuring your glasses are ready in just 1 hour.


At our sportswear store, you’ll also find thermal underwear, accessories, and bike and ski helmets designed to meet your mountain adventures with style and technical excellence. Our products reflect the passion of true sports enthusiasts.

sportswear Oakley bike: t-shirt, guanti bici, casco


Nobody can talk about Zone better than Zone’s customers.

Dario Pagliarini

Very competent staff.
Thank you and congratulations.

Sport Zone
Sara Di Natale

The girl who followed us was professional, competent and kind.

Sport Zone
Claudia Liverani

My partner and I went to this shop to buy a pair of sunglasses.
The shop assistants in both shops were friendly and helpful, and there are so many products available to meet every need!
Super recommended!

Sport Zone
Beatrice Bano

It is beautiful, modern, and super stocked with the best brands’ models. The staff is fantastic. They provide excellent eye examinations and always recommend the best options for you. Their team knows how to pamper you and make you feel comfortable. Wonderful!

Optical Zone
Alida Sala

I’ve been wearing glasses for over 40 years, and nobody has ever examined me like that!! Thank you, Gianluca and the whole staff!! Highly recommended

Optical Zone
Livia Melito

I was there one hour ago. I bought eyeglasses and sunglasses. I was really impressed by how thorough the whole process was before I bought my glasses, and the staff’s attention to detail and customer care was fantastic.

Optical Zone
Sara Bovo

Outstanding professionalism, competence, courtesy, and an excellent assortment of the latest models. The lens check was a positive experience, indeed.

Optical Zone
Claudia Iebole

Young, kind, and available staff.

Sport Zone

Where every space
is Your Space.


Zone is devoted to the mountain, the snow, and the sun.
The Alps are our ideal place, and Livigno is our natural habitat.
Can you hear them calling? Come to Livigno. We are waiting for you.